Pets bring the most joy into our lives but only live a fraction of ours.
They grow up so fast and in the blink of an eye we wonder where the time has gone.

Capturing them while they are with us is important and that is where I come in.


Hey there, I'm James. Photographing your pet in all their beauty is what I specialise in.

Your pet is not generic, so don't get a generic photographer to take their photos.

During a photo session I build a relationship with your pet, gain their trust and work with them as a team to take their photos.

Pixel Pets sessions are a fun, relaxed and joyful experience that your pet will love and I guarantee

you will remember it all when you look at your pets photographs.

With products to suit all budgets and pet types, every pet has the opportunity to be captured at their best. 

Select your Pets Photo Session below.




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